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Christ is Risen! Praying your bodies and hearts are well today. So, I clearly am not great at posting every day haha.  What I will promise is that, for a

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Allow People their Freedom

A great source of anger and frustration can be reactions to the choices of others.  We can spend a lot of time and energy wondering why someone said something or

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Let Others be Right

There is incredible strength in letting other people lead.  Having discernment in speech when you are part of a particular setting or conversation is key to ensuring that the people

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Awareness of Near and Far

A loving approach to the world and its people requires open eyes that are near and far sighted.  Having knowledge of the current reality most closely around us in our

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Patient and Kind

The Lord shows us and tells us what love looks like.  In describing love, two of the words Paul uses in 1 Corinthians 13 are: Patient and Kind.  When these

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The Suffering Servant

Christ is Risen! We are excited to take our daily blog in a new direction.  Beginning every Wednesday, our daily post will revolve around a common weekly theme. We are

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