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What are some typical reasons that people help the poor? Because it’s our Christian duty, to meet a need, “Volunteerism” or “Community Service.”

There’s so much more happening in our encounters with those who are in need of food, shelter, and love, then just a need being met.  Let’s explore what’s actually happening when we reach out beyond ourselves into the lives of the strangers we encounter.

The Kingdom is breaking into this world! When we live “on earth as it is in Heaven,” the Kingdom of God is alive and real in our lives and the lives of those we aim to love and serve.  The Kingdom isn’t a separate other place we are going, but it is here and now.  If I give a stranger a piece of bread, they may be hungry again an hour later.  I may not cure their hunger, but I am witnessing to a world where there is no hunger, no poverty, no loneliness, no division.  When I approach every person as a sister or someone who I am deeply connected to... I affirm the reality of the Kingdom of God.  I live as a citizen of the Kingdom, where all people are equally loved and valued by the Lord, therefore loved and valued by me.

And so often our idea of a “good life” in this world looks the way it does because of fear of actually needing God.  We want to secure ourselves as much as possible so we have insurance when the tragedy comes.  If we have money, house, car, health insurance, etc., we’ll be safe from death.  It’s a delusion we create as a coping mechanism.  We push God out instead of letting Him in and letting everything else go.

Life in the Kingdom is not rooted in fear, but love.  When our life looks like the Kingdom, what a “good life” actually is will be based in God’s idea of good and not our own.  We will taste life in the Kingdom when we come together with others in love and service.

So we must go out and witness to the Kingdom!  Where no one is your enemy, no one is divided from anyone else, and poverty does not exist! We must be citizens of the Kingdom of God and not the Kingdom of the world.


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