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Contemplation and confusion are part of an experience like this.  Should I go there?  Should I do this?  Is this safe?

Today, what’s on my mind, is short and sweet.

When in doubt, don’t.  

Right now, choosing the safe-EST thing is best.  Staying home and interacting with solely the people that live in your home is the safest. What’s best for your health and safety is what’s best for everyone else’s. There will be challenges because being in the same space all day with the people you live with is not normal for most of us.  And if you live by yourself, you will have unique challenges as well.  In moments when you’re really struggling, find peace and comfort in reminding yourself that this is a temporary pause for the sake of the literal world.

There are some choices that are safe-ER than others, like running to the store if need be or visiting someone that is in need. It’s also beautiful and an act of loving service to support local restaurants and businesses, offering them support in safe and smart ways. With these choices, take time to discern what’s most needful and merciful to yourself and others, while adhering to city, state, and federal regulations.  Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health is all wrapped up in caring for our physical health.

Then, there are the UN-safe things. These are the choices that we justify and explain away to ourselves and others because we don’t want to surrender and we don’t want to “live in fear.” There is a big difference between living in fear and living responsibly.  If you are taking a known risk, it’s not worth the reward.  The greatest act of courageous faith is to voluntarily and sacrificially love your neighbor.

And then there are the things some have to do in a safe way, like going to work. Many of these people are the ones keeping us safe, healthy, and fed.  Let’s not forget about them when we’re choosing what’s best for all of us.

The life of the world actually depends on each of us right now.  Do the safest thing most of the time, and safer things when necessary.  Most of all, if you’re having trouble letting go of your plans, ask yourself why.  Talk it out with someone.  Grace and mercy must be in abundance right now…especially for ourselves.

So, if you’re wondering if you should be going somewhere or doing something with someone, the answer is likely no…at least til further notice.  Make room for creative ideas and don’t let walls keep you from your people and your joy.  We can’t _______________ so let’s ________________.  And when in doubt, don’t.

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