choosing courage


It’s beautiful to see a tree bear fruit.  After time and diligent nurturing, there are apples to pick from a once bare tree.  With those apples, there are many different ways to produce food that satisfies and nourishes.  This process of growth from a seed to a flourishing tree takes work and time.  The things that are most meaningful and fruitful in our lives often take the most work and time.

When considering if something is worth doing, whether or not it will be difficult plays a big part in the decision.  It’s easy to make the mistake of deciding to avoid something because it will be hard.  “But it’s so hard,” is something I hear a lot and, frankly, say a lot.  The reality is that most of the time, the hard things are the right things to do.  Having a characteristic of being difficult is for sure a consideration, but it shouldn’t be the determining factor.  Anything has the potential to be difficult.  So, something that’s always a good decision is to have peace that difficult things are not impossible.  In fact, facing difficult things create possibilities.  Challenge yourself.

There’s a strength that comes from the things that take the most courage.  Evolution of the heart that comes from challenging endeavors flows out into every aspect of life.  Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth have the potential to be the fruit of a challenging experience.  There are many things to discover and learn about yourself when you’re forced to do things you’ve never done.  Parts of you that you never knew were there are often revealed in unexpected circumstances.  Whether what comes to you is in or out of your control, beginning a journey through what will most certainly be hard requires a decision.  Let courage be your choice.  Let love be your motivation.

Fear is a wall that shows up in many forms.  It can keep you from the best person or a beautiful place.  It can trick you into thinking that it’s the wrong time or you’re the wrong person.  When faced with a difficult decision that seems to be the right next move, invest in yourself.  Take the step with courage and trust that, if it is the direction that is best to go in, God will provide what is needed to face the difficulties.  And, if it isn’t the best next step, God will redirect in the ways that are best for you.

All in all, potential difficulties are part of every new endeavor.  A good change may still be a hard change.  An experience that is new will not always be exciting.  If fear shows up as a wall of difficulty, face it with courage.  You’ll be amazed to see the wall fall down.  It could fall down quickly or slowly.  Either way, God’s love will comfort you and sustain you through the challenge.

Take the time to invest in yourself.  Accepting a challenge is one way to acknowledge the beauty of an evolving heart.

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