Faith With Works


  • Go where you are called.   Each member of the Body of Christ is called into the world to serve it.  As we live and breathe each day, we are called in different directions.  Some of those calls surprise us.  Some are consistent throughout our lives.  When you feel called to serve in a particular way, pray and ask God if it is His voice that’s calling you.  Talk to the people you go to for counsel.  You may not feel fully at peace and receive a clear answer, but when you know it’s time to go, go.  And see how it goes!  Often, God directs us when we’re moving.  Let’s do our very best to listen to His voice and move towards the places and people we feel called to.
  • Don’t let your first glance be your last.  There are times when one image we see or one experience we have in a church defines how we see the entire Church from that point forward.   We see or hear one confusing thing, or even just experience one new thing, and we make our one conclusion.  That one thing can even lead us to define God by it, when it may or may not be something that defines who He is.  When this happens, instead of looking away, find the courage to keep looking and seeking.  In a Church of many voices, approaches, and local traditions, sometimes the same thing is done beautifully in different places.  A more tragic consequence is when the voice of the God we worship gets drowned out. This is why we need to stay in the constant pursuit of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us always keep seeking Him so that we can see Him and hear Him loud and clear.  
  • Recognize roadblocks, but don’t imagine them.  There are times when we look away from where God is calling us because we’ve imagined why we shouldn’t be listening.  We might think it’s someone else’s role to do, or create a reason why it’s not worth pursuing.  Challenge yourself and talk to people you trust.  There may be an open door where you see a roadblock.  Others can help you navigate your journey and address any roadblocks that actually exist.  The reality is that we often create our own reasons to stop moving or to turn around and go in another direction.  The lies we tell ourselves can be louder than the truth of who we are.  Do your very best to not put up a roadblock where it doesn’t exist.  Rather, look for the open doors and walk towards them. 
  • Pursue the desire of your heart.  Psalm 34:7 says: “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” When we delight in the Lord, we connect with the heart of who He is designing us to be and we are able to live into our true selves.  We find our joy in the life He’s given us and the work He’s calling us to do.  The true desire of your heart exists in harmony with God’s will for your life.  This is why pursuing the true desire of your heart is so crucial.  When the desire of your heart is discovered, it should be attended to so that the distorted desires are muted. It’s tragic when the true desires of our hearts are muted by fear, self-interest, or the expectations of others. When the desire of your heart is strong and clear, it’ll show up in your life in countless ways.  It’ll bring you joy, peace, and bring healing to others.  Delight in the Lord and live into the heart of who you are.
  • Serve where you are.  Our membership in the universal and eternal Church of our Lord Jesus Christ goes beyond what we can imagine.  It is beyond having our names on a church membership list.  We have been named and chosen by the Lord.  Our Church membership is never turned off.  It is who we are at all times and in all places.  This is a beautiful reality that reveals an awesome truth…that all work is God’s work, if you see it that way.  Often we get focused on discovering our designated roles in our local churches or church programs.  This is a beautiful pursuit and will come to fruition for some.  But for ALL of us, our membership in the body of Christ will be realized in who we are always, in every role we have.  If you are a nurse, that is your ministry.  If you are a teacher, that is your service to God.  Every job is a service job.  Every role is an invitation to realize your place in the body of Christ.  Every moment is an opportunity to be your true self in Christ and love each others and He loved us. This is God’s ideal for the world.  His Church is called together to be sent out.  May God give us the clarity of purpose and the courage to go where we are called. 

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