Bridges at Home: Video Library

Bridges provides an intentional community connection for high school students, college students, and adults of all ages to build intergenerational relationships through meaningful conversations around relevant topics.

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Katrina Bitar

Katrina has been the YES Program Director since May of 2009, following her graduation from St. Vladimir’s Seminary. She has been involved in youth ministry for almost 20 years. She served as a full-time parish youth director for 6 years, St. Nicholas Camping Program Director from 2003-2021, OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) College Conference Advisor for 5 years, and has been involved with the YES Program since 2004. Katrina feels incredibly blessed to be part of a program that changed her own perspective on homelessness, poverty, and youth ministry. She is grateful to be able to create opportunities for YES participants and those in need to be known and filled through encounters with each other.

Elissa Bjelitch Davis

Elissa Bjeletich is an author and podcaster who loves Orthodox youth and family ministry work. She’s involved in various curriculum projects, teaches Sunday school, and volunteers at summer camps. She’s been a part of YES trips in her Austin, Texas parish for seven years, and has been a member of the YES Advisory board since its inception. To Elissa, “YES is absolutely the best youth ministry in the Orthodox church, because the program immerses kids in the Kingdom of God, empowering them to bring the joy of the Kingdom and their love of Christ into every human relationship. It’s a course in practical Christian love, and it transforms everyone it touches.”

Steve Christoforou

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Father Daniel Reese

Father Daniel Reese is the Rector of Saint Silouan Orthodox Church in Walla Walla, WA, a ROCOR parish. Raised Protestant (Presbyterian), I attended Princeton Theological Seminary where I got my Masters of Divinity and then a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary program in theology and pastoral theology.  I had a private practice as a marriage and family therapist for 33 years, having retired three years ago, though I still see several Orthodox married couples, and couples preparing for Holy Marriage.

Setting the Tone w/ *insert speaker name here*

Introduction to Bridges w/ Elissa Bjelitch Davis​

The Path to Building Healthy Habits w/ Elissa Bjelitch Davis​

The Pursuit of Forgiving Yourself w/ Father Daniel Reese​

Navigating Conflict w/ Steve Christoforou​