Most frequent questions and answers

When the pandemic hit, we of course had to pause on creating weekend Trip experiences.  It gave us the opportunity to consider what is most needful now for local communities.  We wanted to keep doing what we do in our current circumstances by providing support and resources for local servant leaders.  So, we created a new experience called:  The Local Initiative.  (see below)

The Local Initiative equips and entrusts local student leaders with the vision and leadership of their own initiative.  We are so happy to offer 2 types of exciting YES Local Initiatives:  An initiative with a ROADMAP and a DESTINATION.

Visit our website to read about what each of these Initiatives will look like: 

No they do not.  We will prepare a full needs assessment of your city, and connect you with at least 3 potential organizations to serve with.  After hearing about the organizations from their staff, your group will decide who you want to serve with and how. If there is an on site opportunity that you’d like to participate in, that is your choice.  There are also countless ways to serve and do what is most needful without spending time on site.  In fact, some organizations do not allow on site volunteers and have created incredible opportunities that connect volunteers with their clients virtually.  There are also supplies that organizations need that you can gather or prepare off site and drop off.  We want the ownership of the service opportunity to be yours, which includes leaving the outreach that comes from your heart in your hands. 

You can read about the entire process on our website: 

Simply visit our website and fill out the survey corresponding to the Initiative you’d like to host. 

Once we receive your survey, we will reach out to you to set up a date.  

Our orientation exposes participants to the reality of the poverty in the world through interactive curriculum. We create an experience centered on answering Christ’s call to love and serve every person we encounter. YES Leaders lead the students in formative and impactful discussions. The students are presented with various questions:

  • How do we create opportunities for God’s Kingdom to be real in this world?
  • Why do we serve and how do we approach the people we are serving?
  • How do we find inner peace and purpose in difficult circumstances?
  • What are the stereotypes that exist within all of us that prevent us from putting the needs of others before ourselves?
  • Is poverty a complex or simple problem, and what is our place in the solution?

We will then present a detailed needs assessment that we have prepared. It will give the group a thorough picture of how their city is currently struggling and the needs that the people have. We will share the potential ministry partners we have found for the group to work with, such as homeless ministries, nursing homes, family shelters, food distribution centers, and other organizations in need. Representatives from the organizations will join us and share their work. Then, the participants will have an opportunity to begin planning their future outreach efforts.

We are using the Giving Circle model to create the Initiatives and serve the needs of our communities.  Click here to see how the Giving Circle works: 

The YES leaders are experienced participants of our program who have been trained to lead YES initiatives. They have gone through extensive youth ministry and leadership training, and are equipped to attend to the needs of the students, guide them with love and to respond with care in any situation that may arise.  Leaders are generally young adults that are trained leaders and/or staff of the YES Program.