Equipping Youth to Serve

By creating opportunities for youth to engage with the poverty of their city, YES is equipping young people to become servant leaders in their own communities.

We are so excited to announce our Summer Outreach Initiative! In response to the beautiful people of our YES community who are seeking to find purpose and meet the needs of others who are struggling, we have decided to take a “road trip” and revisit some of our YES cities. 

We are coming to these cities, in spirit.

Beginning on Monday, July 6th, we will highlight a city every week, up until Labor Day. All are invited to serve these organizations that we served during YES trips. There will be multiple, safe, needful ways for people in the city to provide for the needs of the organization, and we will also offer ways to serve from anywhere!

We appreciate you sharing the information with your communities, so that everyone is able to serve in their own ways on their own time. There is no specific day, project, or timeline. Our hope is to bring awareness and exposure to these cities, so that people can engage with the current needs and the beautiful ministry that is happening there.

We look forward to continuing to serve with you!


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