Lenten blog 2023

Rooted in People

  • When I think about being rooted in people, the first thing that comes to mind is how our love for God most tangibly shows up.  Loving God means loving each other, and that means that my faith and who I am as a human being, a child of God, is rooted in people. 


  • Our God wouldn’t make following him unclear or some kind of puzzle to decipher. It may not be easy, but it is simple.  He demonstrated the Father’s will by His life.    


  • Our Lord said – All men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.
    • Mother Teresa – If we are not at peace, it is because we have forgotten…we belong to each other
    • Every commandment of God is encompassed by, love God, love your neighbor.  
    • Our Lord called the Pharisees “white washed tombs.”  Why?  Because they were doing all the practices of religion without care for others. 


  • The Lord equates Himself with the hungry, the thirsty, the naked and imprisoned.  If you welcome a person, you welcome Me, He says.  And the opposite is true as well.    


  • When you feel like your faith is struggling, go look at the face of God in another and welcome them.  Play with a child, listen to an elderly person, spend time with someone who is experiencing homelessness.  It’ll help you to feel grounded again.


  • Being rooted in people is how we live out being rooted in Christ and purpose.  


  • So who are the people ?
    • The people you serve. 
    • The people in your care.
    • The people you have made a commitment to.    
    • The people who mirror your struggles for you. 
    • The people who remind you who you are.
    • The people who challenge you.  
    • The people who believe in you.
    • The people you don’t like, who teach you how to love.  
    • The people who unconditionally love you.  


    • What about being grounded in people who have died?  Or famous people we feel connected to for some reason?  People we admire that we haven’t met?
  • When can this be healthy? 
        • When we are inspired by someone’s life, words, art, etc.  
  • When can it enter an unhealthy place?
      • When we’re idolizing, fixating, creating fantasies.  When we’re escaping vulnerability. These people aren’t going to reject you.  


  • Notice that the people that ground you can be anyone – not any particular relationship.  There isn’t one role or relationship that everyone has in common.   Some people don’t have parents, siblings, partners.  Embrace that the people that ground you may just be in your life for a season.  


  • Cherish the people you have today.  We can both be content and long for something.  It’s possible.  Contentment makes us open to receiving what we long for when it comes. 


– Katrina Bitar, Director of YES and Local Initiatives

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