Lenten blog 2023

Reflections on Being Rooted in Purpose

  • Having purpose is one of the things that makes an uncertain life peaceful and consistent.  It not only gets you up and out of bed, but it gives you the direction to go in.  


  • Knowing why you are alive and living naturally brings in light when it’s dark.  
    • Not having purpose can feel dark and stagnant.  
    • Finding your “why” as you go through life, especially transitions, is an important thing to be intentional about.  
    • Even if it seems insignificant, it never is.  You are here so you have a purpose.  It goes along with existing.  


  • Purpose is common amongst us all and it is also specific.  
    • COMMON– Participating in God’s work in the world – To bring all people to Himself.  God’s work is reconciliation and healing.  
      • You are the light of the world!  So let your light shine.  This does not mean- shining a light in someone’s eyes.  It means being the light of Christ in a way that brings peace and comfort, not judgment and division. 
      • When the light of Christ is coming from a human being, it feels like unconditional love and it makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.  It doesn’t feel like pointing fingers, rolling eyes, and humiliation.  
    • SPECIFIC– We each participate in God’s work in different ways.  
      • Sometimes your purpose equals your paycheck.  Sometimes it doesn’t. 
      • Why you get up in the morning can be small or big.  But it’s all purposeful.
      • Your purpose can change and evolve, it can be multi-faceted, and it can be lived out in multiple ways.
      • Some days, your purpose will surprise you.  You may find your purpose in an unexpected place with someone you don’t know.
      • Serving is always purposeful.  How your serve is unique to you.  
      • There is someone who needs you…whether you know them or not.  This gives your life purpose and meaning.  

  • Where do you find purpose?
    • In relationship.  Pay attention to the things you do that bring others joy, peace, comfort,  lift people up, lift burdens.
    • Through experiences.  We learn about ourselves and who we are by experiencing life.  Both good and bad experiences can reveal our purpose.

  • How do you find purpose?
    • By going towards where you feel drawn. Listen to the voice in your heart.  Listen to when your heart feels joy.  Listen to when your heart breaks. Put yourself in places that intrigue you and pull you towards them and see what happens.  


Katrina Bitar, Director of YES and Local Initiatives

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