The Different Causes of Mental Health Challenges

There are three major factors or influences attributed to causing or exacerbating mental illnesses that researchers have identified: psychological factors, social and environment factors, and biological factors.   First, psychological factors typically encompass early adverse experiences. These include but are not limited to abuse, neglect, abandonment, early loss, assault, or any major trauma that is […]

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On just about every wall of the buildings at my university was a flyer for ACR (Acceptance, Communication, Respect) Homes. At the bottom were cuts with little slips of paper that you could rip off with information on how to apply. Like most students, I had walked by these flyers hundreds of times without stopping

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The phrase “Empathy vs. Sympathy” is a phrase that may or not be familiar to you. Moreover, many people are confused by the slight differences between empathy and sympathy. I know I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to piece my way through them. Here is my understanding of the difference. Imagine

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