What is a WORLD PARTY?

A WORLD PARTY is a beautiful way to bring all the people of a community together. In short, it is a gathering at a designated outdoor place in the city with heavy foot traffic and activity for about 2 hours in the afternoon.  Participants are prepared signs with inspiring messages and uplifting gifts to give to anyone that walks by or joins the party. It is designed to create opportunities that break down societal and stereotypical walls, radiating joy to anyone and everyone.

Step 1:  Pick a location & time


 LOCATION:  We are happy to help you identify the perfect place for your World Party! It can be in any part of a city, focusing on a particular area that has a lot of foot traffic and a diverse group of people. Your location could be in a park, a common area, or even a street corner. It is specific to each city and the needs of that city.

TIME:  A good time to start 2pm, and plan to wrap up about 3:30pm.  Lunch hour is over and people are out ‘n about in the city!

Make sure to decide and communicate to your participants where the meeting place will be.  Will you meet at the party location, or will you meet somewhere else?

Step 2:  Advertise to your community


Create a Facebook event, share the flyer with your church, invite your youth group, family, and friends!  We have a template flyer we will send to you so that you can tailor it to your city.  Make sure to clearly let people know how to RSVP to you via email, text, Facebook…whatever you’d like.  Let them know to that you will need their information to update them and send reminders before the party.

Step 3:  Buy the supplies

  • Food – anything individually wrapped that is easily passed out and is non-perishable
  • Drinks- water and/or juice boxes
  • A balloon kit:  helium tank, balloons, string.  You can find these at Walmart or Party City
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Poster board
  • Index cards
  • Face paint

Be creative!  You are the host, so you can have new ideas for your world party!  Share them with us!

Step 4:  Create the love! 

Take the time the week before the party to create posters & note cards to pass out.

Step 5:  Media


Designate one of your participants to take pictures and video.  YES would love to create a World Party scrapbook!

Step 6:  Be safe


Make sure there is at least one person over the age of 21 at your World Party who has their car easily accessible for errands or anything else that may arise.  It is important to prepare for a potential emergency situation.  God willing, the party will be perfectly pleasant, but hey.  You never know.

Step 7:  Final Reminders


Send an email to participants the week of the party.  Let them know the meeting place, the time, and remind them to bring their $10 donation.

Step 8: After the party is over 

Thank you for throwing a party for your city! We are so grateful for the donations that will help us create YES trips all over the country.  There are 2 ways to give a gift to YES:

  • Send a check to: Katrina Bitar, YES North America, 12600 N. MacArthur Blvd. #1301, OKC, OK 73142.

  • Keep the cash you receive and make a donation online: yesnorthamerica.org.

Please email your pictures to Michelle Hourani:  mhourani@focusna.org.

Bring a World Party to your town!