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Always in a Circle

When we begin a YES trip, we always bring everyone together to sit in a circle.  All of our orientation and preparation is discussed in a circle, where we can

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All Creation was Amazed

I love my sister.  She’s always refreshingly honest and doesn’t really hesitate when it comes to telling you what she thinks.  She acts with the right amount of thinking and

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Light in the Darkness

Last night was beautiful.  We gathered together for a YES Trip, in the way that we could.  Our time together had all the elements of a YES experience: Creating Community

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An Opportunity to Co-suffer

This morning, I was hit pretty hard by co-suffering…in a different way than I have been.  I’ve been thinking about those of us who are continuing with plans that aren’t

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Contemplation and confusion are part of an experience like this.  Should I go there?  Should I do this?  Is this safe? Today, what’s on my mind, is short and sweet.

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